Space Ownership

Space Ownership in River is designed with a unique approach emphasizing direct and transferable control over Spaces through a specially minted token. This section outlines the intricacies of Space Ownership, focusing on fund management, ownership transfer, and enhanced security features.

Creation and Ownership

  • Token Minting: Upon the creation of a Space on Base, the creator is awarded a special on-chain token. This token is not merely symbolic; it confers complete ownership over the corresponding Space.
  • Ownership Rights: Space contracts are pre-configured to recognize the holder of this token as the Owner. This design choice introduces flexibility in ownership, allowing the token to be transferred or controlled by decentralized entities like a DAO or a multisig wallet.

Financial Management

  • Funds Management: The process of Membership minting channels all funds directly to a contract. This contract is wholly controlled by the ownership NFT. Access to these funds is granted through ERC6551, providing the NFT holder with exclusive financial control.

Transfer and Security

  • Space Sale: The ownership model facilitates the transfer of ownership rights. Owners can sell their Space by simply transferring their NFT, effectively passing on all ownership privileges.
  • Enhanced Security: For added security and collective management, Spaces can be stored in multisig wallets or managed by other DAO structures. This arrangement allows multiple parties to partake in the control and decision-making processes of the Space.
  • Guardian Module: Prevents the Owner token from being transferred immediately in case of holding wallet compromise.
  • Interface Implementation: The Space Owner NFT implements ERC-721, ensuring compliance with established standards and facilitating interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

Additional Resources

  • For more detailed technical information, please refer to the [Space Contract Interface].