What is the minimal, sufficient criteria needed for nodes to enter the River network ?

Upon registering as a Node Operator and receiving sufficient delegation of RVR tokens by the DAO, nodes under the Node Operator will enter the active set and be eligible to host / server streams.

Mechanically, to enter the active set, the DAO will bridge a new Node Operator to the River Chain network after which the operator can register a new node with the RiverRegistry contract.

What are the conditions upon which a node can be removed from the active set ?

Node can be removed from the active set at the DAO’s discretion if they do not maintain minimal criteria for uptime, storage, and network performance.

Are there token minimums for Node Operators to enter the network ?

Yes, the DAO will require a minimum of 100mm RVR tokens and maximum of 500mm RVR tokens to be delegated to a Node Operator before they can enter the River Network.

How often are rewards distributed to Node Operators and Delegators ?

Rewards are distributed every two weeks to Node Operators and Delegators.

How are rewards split between Node Operators and Delegators ?

Rewards are paid to Node Operators based on their commission rate set during registration and remaining proceeds are split pro-rata amongst all the delegators who delegated to that operator for the entire period.