Current Deployment of River Smart Contracts


This section provides an overview of the current deployment of key River smart contracts. Below, you will find the addresses for the primary smart contracts deployed in the River system.

Key Smart Contract Addresses

  1. Space Factory Contract:

    • SpaceFactory.sol: This contract is responsible for the creation and initial setup of new Spaces within the River ecosystem.
    • Address: [Address for SpaceFactory.sol]
  2. Token Entitlement Module Contract:

    • TokenEntitlementModule.sol: This contract manages the entitlements based on token ownership, crucial for defining user roles and access within Spaces.
    • Address: [Address for TokenEntitlementModule.sol]
  3. User Entitlement Module Contract:

    • UserEntitlementModule.sol: It handles the assignment of roles and entitlements based on specific user address or ENS.
    • Address: [Address for UserEntitlementModule.sol]
  4. Dynamic Pricing Module Contract:

    • DynamicPricingModule.sol: This contract implements the dynamic pricing strategy for membership within Spaces, adjusting prices based on the number of members.
    • Address: [Address for DynamicPricingModule.sol]

Accessing and Interacting with the Contracts

These addresses provide direct access to the deployed contracts. Developers and users of the River ecosystem can interact with these contracts for various purposes, including creating new Spaces, managing memberships, and implementing pricing strategies.