Space Membership revolves around the concept of Membership Tokens, a pivotal element in the River blockchain ecosystem. These tokens are not just digital assets; they represent an on-chain membership, granting the holder various interactions and access rights within a specific Space.

Subscription Model: Memberships are initially defined with a 1 year expiry, while still allowing renewal at the original price that it was purchased rather than the current market price for a new membership. This prevents early members of a Space from getting priced out and provides additional value to the membership token itself.

Configurable Supply: The supply of Membership Tokens is under the direct control of the Space owner. This feature allows for the customization of the Space’’s exclusivity, tailoring the community size to the owner’s vision.

Flexible Pricing Models: Pricing for these tokens is highly versatile. Space owners can set fixed prices or implement any custom pricing scheme that can be articulated through code. For further details on the pricing structure, refer to the [Pricing Modules] section.

Access Control Mechanisms: Membership Tokens can be gated based on the possession of specific ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens across multiple networks including Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Base. This creates a flexible and inclusive gating system.

Custom Entitlement Logic: In addition to standard ERC20/721 and address gating mechanisms, Membership Tokens can also incorporate custom logic. For example channels rules can be composed based on the current score of an on-chain game or the liquidity in a defi protocol. Combining this with on-chain oracles allows for even greater flexibility to gate based on real world events. This logic can be coded and deployed on any of the supported chains, offering a higher degree of customization for access control. For more information, see [Entitlement Modules].

Reputation System: Within a Space, Membership Tokens have the unique ability to accrue reputation from other members. This feature fosters a community-driven environment where member interactions contribute to one’s standing in the Space. For detailed insights, refer to the [Reputation] section.

Token Standards and Composability: Membership Tokens align with the ERC-721 standard. This adoption ensures seamless integration and interoperability with other blockchain components, making them easily composable within the wider ecosystem.