All contract source and deployed addresses can also be found on the River repo in github. Contract source code is located in the contracts directory. Deployed addresses can be found under packages/generated for testnet and mainnet, respectively.

Network Chain Ids

NetworkChain IdNetwork Environment
Base Sepolia84532Testnet
River Chain Testnet6524490Testnet
River Chain550Mainnet

Contract Addresses

Below are contract addresses needed to register a node operator on Base.

Contract NameTestnet AddressMainnet AddressNetwork
Base RegistrybaseRegistry.jsonbaseRegistry.jsonBase

Below are the coordinates of contracts deployed that are required to run Stream Nodes in the River Network.

Contract NameTestnet AddressMainnet AddressNetwork
River RegistryriverRegistry.jsonriverRegistry.jsonBase
Wallet LinkwalletLink.jsonwalletLink.jsonBase

River Token Addresses

Ethereum Mainnet0x53319181e003E7f86fB79f794649a2aB680Db244

Mainnet River Chain Resources

River Chain
River Chain RPC Node (HTTP)
River Chain
River Chain Bridge L1 ->
River Chain